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Terceira Margem Produções is a film production company from Mato Grosso, Brazil, which is driven by the desire to tell stories through original narratives and a strong aesthetic vision, focusing on diversity and on settings underexplored by Brazilian cinematography.

Terceira Margem is a co-producer of the feature film Madalena, with international premiere confirmed for 2021 (still without authorization for disclosure). The company is now currently developing and producing other projects, including the documentary Images of the Dungeon (directed by Carolina Aleixo and screenwritten by Madiano Marcheti), which was selected by a national call on the development of film projects funded by BRDE (Far South Regional Development Bank). Other projects include the feature films Mother of Gold (directed by Madiano Marcheti) and Muff on Muff (directed by Lia Kulakauskas).


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ANA LUZ I Producer

skype: analuz.buch

MADIANO MARCHETI I Director and screenwriter


Born and raised in Mato Grosso state, Madiano directed the feature film Madalena, which has a confirmed international debut in early 2021. He is currently working on his next feature film Mother of Gold while he develops the script for the documentary film Images of the Dungeon (Dir. Carolina Aleixo). He has also been involved in new projects from Terceira Margem, including the feature Muff on Muff (Dir. Lia Kulakauskas).

Previously, he directed the short film The Coldest Place in Rio, which was selected by the Cinélatino Festival 27èmes Rencontres de Toulouse and several other festivals, and was awarded at the VII Festival Janela Internacional de Cinema de Recife. He also directed the short films The Weight of Loving You, which opened Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, and In Transit, screened at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival.



skype: madiano.marcheti

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