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Jaci, uma mulher tentando se refazer após a morte do marido e a partida do filho, começa a ter sonhos misteriosos depois que um grupo de garimpeiros invade um morro situado no vilarejo onde mora, na Amazônia. Através dos sonhos, uma estranha comunicação entre Jaci e o próprio morro se inicia.



Mãe do Ouro

In development

Director: Madiano Marcheti

Producers: Daniel Pech

Screenwriter: Madiano Marcheti

Co-Screenwriter: Luis Cotinguiba

Film Editor: Lia Kulakauskas

Production company: Multiverso Produções

Co-production company: Terceira Margem

Fiction | 100 min | Brazil

Genre: Drama 
Shooting format: HD


Labs, markets and events


An illegal gold mine is installed in Morro do Apito (Whistle Hill) in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. As gold prospectors from different parts of the country arrive at the remote village located at the foot of the hill, a series of changes are triggered in the community. Jaci, a local teacher who is entering old age, starts to dream about prospectors being mysteriously chased and killed in the hill's forest. Shortly after, deaths begin to actually occur, and Jaci gradually understands that the hill is communicating with her through dreams. In face of these revelations and events, she needs to find out how to deal with her premonitions and try to stop the destruction of nature.


Director's notes

In recent years, Brazil has undergone profound changes, with the growth of radical and polarizing discourses. Concepts such as truth or lie are becoming more and more malleable and relativizable. Politics is driven by fear and misinformation. In this context, the predatory exploitation of nature intensifies, establishing itself as an official policy that gives a blank check to the invasion of protected areas and indigenous lands for activities such as illegal gold mining. Inspired by this context and this political atmosphere, I decided to make a fantastic, fable-like film. In Mother of Gold, after a village is invaded by prospectors driven by a gold fever, an old local teacher starts having premonitory dreams about deaths in the forest. Like a mysterious and strange tale, this film is a dark song about this woman's transition into old age and her relationship with her past and the land in the midst of a turbulent and delusional period that Brazil is going through - a time when absolutely anything seems possible.

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